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Lazer Pro is a baseball company located in California. Established by six current ball players, Lazer Pro is committed to supplying our customers with top quality baseball products of all types. Each product is produced with maximum quality care.


Aesthetically speaking, Lazer Pro put together one of the sharpest gloves around. The matte black leather combined with the scarlet red leather lacing. The two piece closed pocket is perfect and could not have come out any cleaner. They put our class Baseball Swag S logo on both the wrist and the thumb location (replacing their traditional Lazer Pro logo). Inscribing "Baseball Swag" up the thumb gives it a clean and classy look. In terms of the rest of their customs, they have plenty of colors, materials, webs and fonts to choose from.

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The only slight drawback to this glove is the price point may seem high to some who are unwilling to spend $180-$200, but we promise you it is worth the price. As far as custom gloves go, Lazer Pro offers premium Kip and Steerhide options which as any serious ballplayers knows are the ideal glove materials. A good glove comes stiff and is broken in to the ballplayer's feel and preferences. Lazer Pro meets all of those qualifications and at $200 for a totally custom glove, it is a reasonable price to pay for a high quality mitt.


As far as durability and comfortability goes, our Baseball Swag custom glove is perfect. The lightweight leather is comfortable and easy to work with. It comes in stiff but breaks in nice and forms a smooth and ballplayer friendly pocket. We chose the two-piece closed web which came exactly as pitcher would like, with minimum grip visibility. The fur lining the inside of the wrist is also an unexpected luxury feel as the glove compares to those top of the line brand name gloves.


On the field, the glove lives up to the price as it is smooth, durable and lightweight. The pocket does not take long to form despite the original stiffness. The pocket forms smooth and true and does give the fielder extra confidence while fielding as the last thing a fielder wants to worry about is their glove failing them when the lights are on and that won't happen with a lazer pro glove. The 12 inch pocket is not too deep as some tend to come with a more 13" feel which is great for those who do not want to lose the ball in the pocket.


All in all we strongly recommend taking a look at Lazer Pro's website HERE as we were EXTREMELY impressed with not only the look but the quality, feel and overall professional quality of the glove itself.

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Joseph Latino
Joseph Latino


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