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Baseball Swag  |   Brand of Ballplayers

First off, thanks for coming to our page and thanks for choosing Baseball Swag as your number one Baseball Lifestyle Apparel Brand. We already know that by venturing to, that you are committed to the look of a baseball player both on the field and off. We are happy to have you and are ready to be your personal stylist when it comes to wowing your peers with our apparel and our baseball lifestyle shirts. This is the official Baseball Swag Logo and here is our story:


1) By Players, For PlayersBaseball Swag Logo


BaseballSwag was founded and is operated by baseball players who understand that there is more to a ball player than the numbers next to his name on a lineup card. The ability to identify what characterizes and embodies a player with true Baseball Swag is what sets us apart from our competition. We are dedicated to our craft and have made it our priority to keep you, the ballplayers up to date on the latest trends, styles and gear. 

2) Hall of Fame Quality

We don't believe in cutting corners; we believe in painting them. That's why when it comes to our products, we go with the very best. You can't put a price on premium quality lifestyle baseball clothing and that's exactly what we are. We have done our homework and put in countless hours ensuring that no one can offer a better quality product than us. Our shirts are the softest in the business and fit the way they should fit an athlete; like a glove. 

3) One of a Kind Brand

Nothing enhances a player's ability on the field like his confidence in his skills. Same can be said for the player off the field. You will be confident and comfortable in our brand that you can truly call yours. We are easy to identify with and will only become more powerful with you, the players. 


Thanks for shopping with us.