July 26, 2015


Lazer Pro Baseball - Custom Glove Review


Company Description

Lazer Pro is a baseball company located in California. Established by six current ball players, Lazer Pro is committed to supplying our customers with top quality baseball products of all types. Each product is produced with maximum quality care.


Aesthetically speaking, Lazer Pro put together one of the sharpest gloves around. The matte black leather combined with the scarlet red leather lacing. The two piece closed pocket is perfect and could not have come out any cleaner. They put our class Baseball Swag S logo on both the wrist and the thumb location (replacing their traditional Lazer Pro logo). Inscribing "Baseball Swag" up the thumb gives it a clean and classy look. In terms of the rest of their customs, they have plenty of colors, materials, webs and fonts to choose from.

Check their Glove Options HERE.

The only slight drawback to this glove is the price point may seem high to some who are unwilling to spend $180-$200, but we promise you it is worth the price. As far as custom gloves go, Lazer Pro offers premium Kip and Steerhide options which as any serious ballplayers knows are the ideal glove materials. A good glove comes stiff and is broken in to the ballplayer's feel and preferences. Lazer Pro meets all of those qualifications and at $200 for a totally custom glove, it is a reasonable price to pay for a high quality mitt.


As far as durability and comfortability goes, our Baseball Swag custom glove is perfect. The lightweight leather is comfortable and easy to work with. It comes in stiff but breaks in nice and forms a smooth and ballplayer friendly pocket. We chose the two-piece closed web which came exactly as pitcher would like, with minimum grip visibility. The fur lining the inside of the wrist is also an unexpected luxury feel as the glove compares to those top of the line brand name gloves.


On the field, the glove lives up to the price as it is smooth, durable and lightweight. The pocket does not take long to form despite the original stiffness. The pocket forms smooth and true and does give the fielder extra confidence while fielding as the last thing a fielder wants to worry about is their glove failing them when the lights are on and that won't happen with a lazer pro glove. The 12 inch pocket is not too deep as some tend to come with a more 13" feel which is great for those who do not want to lose the ball in the pocket.


All in all we strongly recommend taking a look at Lazer Pro's website HERE as we were EXTREMELY impressed with not only the look but the quality, feel and overall professional quality of the glove itself.

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June 26, 2015


VARO Bat Weight Swag Review

VARO ARC™ Bat Weight 

Product Description: 

"The Varo ARC™ is designed and created to protect your bat, condition off-field, and dial-in your swing before stepping up to the plate. 


The ARC™'s revolutionary weight distribution technology disperses weight to the end of the bat, creating a game-like swing that improves a player’s mechanics and strengthens baseball muscles.The Varo ARC provides the ultimate performance for all skill levels – from Pro to Youth.


The ARC™’s unique diffusing holes achieve optimal weight distribution, enhancing a natural swing.


The soft dual-sided power-grip provides maximum grip for easy removal and handling.


The ARC™'s durable, dual-layer composition provides exceptional bat protection, safeguarding the sweet-spot of the bat.


The True-Fit Core technology ensures a precise and snug fit to all types of bats – from aluminum youth to wood pro."


First impression is that this bat weight is sleek and futuristic looking. The diffusing hole technology adds a "snakeskin" look to the weight which is appealing. The weights come in a range of vibrant colors as well as a more subdued gray and black which caters to most ballplayers. Those seeking a less flashy product, may be turned off by the color schemes, but given the performance and durability ratings, we think that the colors are something that can easily be overlooked. All in all it is a great looking product and was assigned an aesthetics rating of 8.5. 

As far as performance goes, the VARO ARC™ training weight is top of the line. It's slim fitting technology provides for no wasted mass or weight distribution as it is evenly spread throughout the barrel of the bat. It is extremely efficient and not as cumbersome or stressful as other bat weights that give the user the illusion of swinging a sledgehammer in the on deck circle. The engineers behind this weight certainly got the physics behind this design correct as it provides the user with just enough added weight in order to maximize bat head speed and confidence in the batter's box. Because baseball players rely on fast twitch muscles in order to perform, overly heavy bat weights tend to work larger muscles that are not necessarily used while batting, it is relieving to find a weight that truly was crafted for a ballplayer. The Varo ARC was assigned a 10 for a performance rating. 

Durability is always a question with on field training devices as they will be repeatedly used and abused on the field. The Varo ARC was crafted with a proprietary mix of plastic and synthetic filament, for ultimate durability and high performance that can be trusted to withstand repeated use and wear and tear that a typical ballplayer would undergo while training. You can expect this bat weight to not only service you but your entire squad for the whole season. Durability rating is a 9.5. 

The only minor drawback to this training tool was the price point. Those who are on a budget, the Varo ARC trainer runs for $45, which may be considered out of the price range for some potential customers, but you can not put a price on top quality and that's we we feel confident that the product is worth the purchase. They have a no questions asked free return policy as well as "A percentage of proceeds from each LTD Pink ARC will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundations." For those interested in buying this product, they will find that they will not be let down by their performance and any serious ball player should seriously consider making this training tool part of their collection. 

All in all, we were extremely impressed with the Varo ARC trainer as we immediately found that it was popular with friends and teammates looking to improve their performance. With the only drawback lying in the price point as well as a potential vibrant color phobia, we think this product makes a great addition to any ballplayer looking to upgrade their swing performance as well as their swag. 

You can find the VARO ARC™ at VARO's website HERE

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BOOMBAH® Riot Turfs - Stars & Stripes



BOOMBAH® Riot Turfs - Stars & Stripes

Product Description: 

"The Riot Turf carries on the lineage of the lightweight drivetrain chasis and is bringing you major reinforcements with it. A microwelded upper with 360 degree venting provides the perfect blank canvas for cutting edge graphics capabilities. Each eyelet is reinforced with TPU across the plane of the foot and capped off with an industrial stitch, wrapping around your foot like fingers for a locked down fit. TPU heel counter maintains stability at every turn. Reinforced PU toecap protects against toe drag. Low profile tongue follows the contour of your foot and reduces lace pressure.

All of this sits atop our best selling Drivetrain chasis: DT midsole features 2 layers of high resiliency( Hi-Res) EVA pillars that bounce back to form with every step. Excess material is cored away through the sidewalls and channeled through the bottom leaving a lean shock absorbing frame. A medial post adds stability and prevents over-pronation. 9oz"

First Impression:

The package came in less than a week which is great. The product came neatly packed in BOOMBAH®'s custom shoe box which speaks to their commitment to the customer experience which shouldn't go unnoticed. 



Aesthetically speaking, I challenge anyone to find a better looking turf baseball shoe. The Stars & Stripes Riot turf comes in four main colors, navy, crimson, gold and white which are pleasing to the eye and with the star accents on and around the exterior of the turf, the shoe oozes patriotism. Typically, we are a firm advocate of the "Less is More" approach when it comes to footwear as they are more accessories than centerpieces, but the almost muted nature of the Crimson and Navy provides a great contrast with the gold that doesn't make the turfs too flashy. After receiving several complements in person both at the gym and at baseball games, we give them a confident 9.5 in the looks department.



Now, as ballplayers, we understand that looks aren't everything. As far as a turf shoe goes, we were extremely impressed with the performance of the shoe as given our experience with turfs, they are not always built to handle high intensity training exercises. As pictured above, the sole shoe comes lined with a series of studs which provide extremely good traction for both lateral agility drills as well as baserunning and pitching exercises. Our biggest problem with most turf shoes is that they tend to slip or slide when actually used on a turf field which is the WORST thing that can happen to a ballplayer. Losing a step due to slippage on a fly ball or your plant foot on a curveball is the worst case scenario for a ballplayer and that will rarely happen with these kicks. As far as the support granted, the TPU exterior does provide firm support on lateral movements and the toe cap provides better than average protection against wear and tear for those pitchers looking to throw bullpens in them. Performance rating 8.5.



The biggest fear we had with ordering turfs from a brand we were unfamiliar with is the quality. The lightweight feel to these turfs is an absolute bonus to those looking to weight train, condition or practice in them as they do not weigh you down. As far as durability is concerned, we are unsure of the longevity/durability of the TPU shell on the exterior of the turf as the material feels stiff and less forgiving to stress of repeated baseball movements. The soles are extremely cushioned and provide for amazing give and comfort to the user which is super important to the ballplayer looking to wear these both casually and during training. As a ballplayer with a high-arch like myself, we required the use of a more supportive insole for a little added support. This is usually the case for me with most shoes/turfs, but worth mentioning. As a whole, we assigned these turfs a Durability/Comfortability rating of 8.0. (Socks Pictured can be found HERE)


For only $64.99, these limited edition turfs are totally worth it as they provide all the aspects a ballplayer could ask for without breaking the bank on expensive custom molded shoes or mainstream products where you are paying more for the name than you are the product. 


Overall we were more than satisfied with these turfs and would absolutely recommend picking up a pair for yourself. These limited edition Stars & Stripes turfs are certainly worth the price and are the perfect accessory for any ballplayer. They passed all of the performance tests with flying colors (pun intended) and make for an even better lounge shoe for those of you looking to rep you sport and country on your feet.

You can find these turfs at BOOMBAH®'s website HERE

If these are unavailable or not your style, check out the rest of their selection HERE!

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